Wharton's Marketing faculty are constantly renewing their commitment to combine innovative research with real-world results.

The department's traditional strengths lie in consumer behavior, decision-making theory, modeling and measurement, and marketing strategy, and the faculty is always adding new topic areas to deepen students' knowledge. As an MBA student at Wharton, you will have access to these outstanding professors inside and outside of the classroom.

Marketing Curriculum

Students interested in marketing can pursue a Marketing Management major or a joint major in Marketing and Operations Management. Learn more about the program, majors and courses by visiting the Wharton Marketing Department website below: 

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Wharton's innovative curriculum gives students many opportunities to get practical marketing and business experience while still in school.


Field Application Projects

Field Application Projects (FAPs) provide teams of 4-5 students the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge by developing meaningful managerial action plans.

FAPs develop students' expertise at addressing and framing unstructured problems, for which a single set of techniques or conceptual lenses will not suffice.

Global Consulting Practicum

The Global Consulting Practicum (GCP) is designed to educate students in the problems of international business and the skills of consulting. Many of the projects are marketing strategy assignments.

One example, a South American company was selling private label products but wanted to create a branded offering.

The GCP team delivered a branded strategy and assisted with positioning, packaging and brand planning.

Small Business Development Center

Consulting with the Wharton Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is another option to get hands-on experience.

Wharton students consult one-on-one with small businesses in the greater Philadelphia region to help them grow their business. Typical SBDC projects include: developing marketing plans, reviewing and critiquing business plans and developing new markets. Learn more: