Our Mission

Our Mission is to connect students, alumni, faculty and recruiters in order to provide education, events, and opportunities to help our members pursue exciting careers that will advance the field of marketing.

Our Community

Our members form a passionate and tight-knit network. At Wharton, your peers are people who you can frequently turn to for career advice, interview preparation, and teamwork on assignments.

With the Wharton Marketing Club as the foundation for this community, it's not surprising that some of your best friends and future colleagues will come from our network. 

Our Values


We strive to provide resources and mentorship to expand our members' marketing know-how and understanding of the field


We provide hands-on opportunities for members to exercise their marketing skills so they are prepared to have immediate impact in their marketing careers.

Thought Leadership

We aim to illuminate the vital role of marketing and spark conversation in the community about marketing's impact on businesses and consumers alike.


We aim to foster community between members, alumni, faculty, and recruiters by always providing guidance, support, and friendship.